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Just fyi. Thanks for this information. what year and month was the 1st 4 digit numbers of 0939 TNT released? Mobile phone area codes in the Philippines are composed of three digits and always start with the number 9. 0947 is also Sun prefix. ,,,, if there are active for 0925 THAT’S POSTPAID,,,,, also 0945 if this have!!!! SIR you may call the customer service for the service provider ,,,,, HINDI to sa TELECOM ,,, I am confused abt mobile prefix I am using lenovo vibe p1mI dont know my mobile prefix Kindly help, LOL tingnan mo yung number mo sa txt na recieve sa kaibigan mo, all philippine mobile starts +639 & +638(new) or 09 & 08 (new), prefix number 0956 has not been identified. anong network ang 0937, sabi ni Christine its not a globe number, 0975 po ay sa TM, yan po yung number ko dati pa. Pero hanggang ngayon bawal pa din sa Yahoo Mail. You’re awesome! This says . thanks.. thanks it help me a lot i’m making a program that can identify networks. In a nutshell, it’s a scam, 2018 Updated Complete List of Philippine Mobile Network Prefixes Designation Mobile No. thank you! HELP Pls!! TAMA BA YUNG 0925 eh GLOBE/TM? Thanks, It helps a lot to guide me and save expenses on texts and calls thanks, the info here is erroneous,mine is sun postpaid and my number is 09255 the info here says it is globe, please correct it, Hi! Dec 14, 2015, 22:57 PM IST Pls clarify, Hi! Posted on February 4, 2011August 19, 2018 by Caroline Siñel in GSM/SMS Technology. I hope it can help you. 0945? But when we bumped up with this blog, it helped us determine their network and call the number with the same network we are using. (043) is an Area Code of Laguna, particularly the town of Liliw. PreFIX PH, the phonebook app for the Philippines! Originally, there were four prefixes used for mobile phones: 912 for Mobiline (CDMA), 915 for Islacom (GSM), 917 for Globe (GSM) and 973 for Express Telecom. It tells you if your contacts are Smart, Globe or Sun. Name of the District: Area in Sq. Govt. Smart Buddy and Talk’nTxt have different commands when you register for a promo. These area codes do not necessarily indicate a geographic region, instead they represent the service provider. Thank you. This a great way of informing people which number belongs to a particular network…sometimes we assume a lot and in the end we just realize we don’t have any load or avoid high bill. God Bless you poh.. maari nyo po b ko bigyan ng mga list ng numbers, ending po s 146, smart po sya or talk @txt, ilang araw na kc po akong d mkatulog kailangan ko lng po tlg sya mkontak, plss, pls, plss. i have to comment for the effort! How about 0975? . Copyright © 2007 - 2021 TxtBuff News. Government Photo ID Cards/ service photo identity card issued by PSU 7. Thank you. It also keeps you updated with the latest load promos and allows you to call, text and send load! We even used it as a source for developing our app, PreFIX PH. Hi greetings… How about 0955??? Number one website to search the specifications & price of any Indian Mobile & Tablet. So, Vodafone Idea Ltd now gives you a variety of phone numbers to choose from based on the digits you prefer. 9247274069. Thank you and More power to you Admin and to Visitors. NOW I KNOW BETTER. thanks. Is 0908 Talk’nTxt or Smart Buddy prefix? Login via Mobile Number Login via userid Registration Business Associates. is 411 landline number smart or globe? [Source: Wikipedia] – See more at: Quick Links. 0813 and 0817 is already released to the public. This list is useful for those who often subscribe to unlimited text or call services. Very Nice List of prefixes….Surely this would be of great help to all cellphone users around the world…GOOD JOB…+1…. Thanks a lot…. for more information. How about 0956 , is it globe or other network? We’ll try to update this as soon as we can. Ward member. Address; 1-Prl. If there is only +32.. followed by any other, shorter number, like +32 51 724859, this is the number of a normal phone, not a mobile. 1. Which is which? @ It Cruz– that’s globe…(2354) 0905-globe or TM.. maybe the sender/texter used an online service/chikka,etc…. Note that Cherry Mobile and ABS-CBN mobile numbers are not part of unli text or unli call promo to Globe or TM.Thanks much for your listing. Secy to Govt. Powered by Wordpress 5.6. I would like to know what company does prefix 924 belong. Can someone tell me if this number came from globe – 2354090585558. Check it out here . This is a wonderful help to those who are saving on calls to other networks. This is great. This is a big help to us mobile phone users especially those who are into prepaid texting. Thanks so much for the wonderful info. The Site is technically maintained by National Informatics Centre. Tnx. Thanks for this article! Nice One :)Hindi na ako manghuhula pa ulit kung smart or globe hahaha THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! | Scopemix, NTC confirms Mislatel Consortium as 3rd major telco, Delays still hindering new 3rd telco player, 3rd telco needs 2G to compete with PLDT, Globe, PLDT finally surrenders CURE frequency for 3rd telco, Pay SSS contributions and loans using GCash, GCash Mastercard upgraded with EMV now available, List of mobile frequency bands in the Philippines, Globe, Smart signals cut during Papal visit, ABS-CBN (Globe) – not part of unli call and text promos, Cherry Prepaid (Globe) – not part of unli call and text promos. Hello! Saang network po sya belong? what telecom prefix is it? Thank you. God bless you. i am really looking for the details. thanks for the useful information. ANUPPUR District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile Number it greatly helped a lot of cell phone users…. THESE ARE ALREADY USED:BY GLOBE TELECOM 20150975*** TM0977*** GLOBE0995***GLOBE THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR UPDATED MOBILE PREFIXES09780979FOR NEXT MOBILE NOT 0977YOU ARE REALLY EXPERTISE IN ENCODING BUT THERE ARE SO MANY MISTAKES IN INFORMATIONMORE CONFUSIONS OCCUR IF YOU ENCODE HERE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER WEBSITE,,,,, YOU MUST COMPARE AND SHOW ACCURACY!!! Thanks for this. Maybe need to update, thank you. what does dial *100*1*09973967347*600*1*# do when I press call?it was sent to me, to my Globe number, on May 14, 2018 by an UNKNOWN SENDER with cell number +639161797410 with trace #.970047please let me know, thank you. I guess she’s asking GLOBE LANDLINE not a wireless GLOBE MOBILE telecom, ALL PHILIPPINE MOBILE PREFIXES starts 09 and 08(new) ,,, other than that maybe LANDLINE…. This is the official web portal of Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water Department of Government of Odisha If you have sufficient balance at least. Can you please make your posts accurate? i’m making a program that can identify networks. Or if the Premium or Free number you are looking for is 1, 3 or 6 we find you an appropriate Fancy mobile number which has all these digits in it. The Average age of the Elected Member Block Samiti is 34 in the State. Gender Category Mobile No Email Last Updated On 1 RANGAREDDI AMANGAL AKUTHOTAPALLE Ramachandraiah Laxmaiah Aadhaar Card 606680188606 Male ST 9494844465 08/12/2016 2 RANGAREDDI AMANGAL AMANGAL G Karuna sree … thanks for sharing!But this should be updated. Thanks for posting all prefix of different networksthis is very helpful for me…. मेहुल राठवा कवांट(गुजरात) के रहनेवाले ब्लॉगर है जो साल 2010 से सरकारी भर्तियों के बारे में ब्लॉगिंग करते रहे है | साल 2014 तक यूज़र्स उन्हें सबसे फ़ास्ट पोस्ट करने की वजह से बहुत पसंद करते थे| कुछ नया करना और यूज़र्स को होती परेशानी के हल के बारे में पोस्ट करना उनके शोख है |, Source : no love for iphone? got it..Nov 19, 2012 – Changed 0925 from Globe/TM to Sun Cellular, got confused on this0925 Sun Cellularthis is listed on the upper partthenUpdates as of March 9, 2012:added 0925 – Globe/TM, Very useful keep up the good work..many thanks. Below is a list of mobile number prefixes used by Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, Red Mobile, Talk ‘N Text, and Touch Mobile. Thank heavens for sharing this list! There are still 0925 numbers that belong to Globe especially those who kept their sim active for years. Sr. No. Revision History: mobile-prefix_revisions.pdf, Tags: prefixes Comments (285) / Pingbacks (2) = Total Comments (287). I thought 0935 is a SMART network buti na lang! would be nice if you could print list only and not have to print 27 pages of replies as well.?? tnx. thank you! Alair. baket diko mapasahan ng load tong 0977 ko using 0927? your updates quite confusing. Thank you very much! atty ales d. mindez daw from PAGCOR ito # nia 09359082410 please kaylangan ng action agad kasi bukas daw ng umaga papadala nia ang pera pag nakabili na daw ako ng smart prepaid card na 5pcs tas itx ko lng daw ang mga # ng card pra ma activate pra mkuha ko daw agad bukas ang pera sa western. thanks it helped me a lot. Pls update these two tie ups that they are not part of Globe/TM unli. @mick: select the contents of the table and paste into your microsoft excel or any spreadsheet program then print. POSTPAID)09260927093509360937 ABS CBN0945095509560975097609770978 NEXTEL0979 NEXTEL099409950996 CHERRY0997, THANK YOU, VERY Useful, more informative post from your website, Good luck. *** PLEASE UPDATE GLOBE ***0817090509060915091609170925 (prev. That is like a shortcut on sending load. have there been any new additions this year for 2016? Website hosted & maintained by National Informatics Centre Contents provided by Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India. very confusing the 0925 because i had 0925 sun sim and globe sim card. Thank you! Thanks for this information. THANKS FOR THE COMPREHENSIVE SHARING. Cause I’m receiving messages from this network with different numbers po & the messages are not good. Hi. Upa-Sarpanch. This makes him the youngest in the state to be bestowed with this rare honour. Content is managed by Department of Panchayati Raj-JHARKHAND . What network is 367232322218157649761234? or FOREIGN NUMBER. As service grew rapidly throughout the 1990s and even until today, existing codes have been exhausted and new codes have been added to fulfill demand. I called a 09175 number, and was charged, I thought it was Globe? Summary Report of Jila Panchayat officer Mobile number: Summary Report of Janpad Panchayat officer Mobile number: Installment Release Report : ... You can view the list of Panchyat that are registered on this portal.These Panchyats Beneficiaries Are Available for Development of houses for the Chief Minister's Rural Housing Mission. RAISEN District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile ... PANNA District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile N... NEEMUCH District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile... NARSINGHPUR District Sarpanch List With Contect Mo... MORENA District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile ... MANDSAUR District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobil... MANDLA District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile ... KHARGONE District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobil... KHANDWA District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile... KATNI District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile N... JHABUA District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile ... JABALPUR District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobil... INDORE District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile ... HOSHANGABAD District Sarpanch List With Contect Mo... HARDA District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile N... GWALIOR District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile... GUNA District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile Nu... DINDORI District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile... DHAR District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile Nu... DEWAS District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile N... DATIA District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile N... DAMOH District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile N... CHHINDWARA District Sarpanch List With Contect Mob... CHHATARPUR District Sarpanch List With Contect Mob... BURHANPUR District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobi... BHOPAL District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile ... BHIND District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile N... BETUL District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile N... BARWANI District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile... BALAGHAT District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobil... ASHOKNAGAR District Sarpanch List With Contect Mob... ANUPPUR District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobile... Alirajpur District Sarpanch List With Contect Mobi... Agar Malwa District Sarpanch List With Contect Mob... Madhya Please update. If there are any inaccuracies, please let us know in the comments section below. is a scam. kms: Population: Head Quarters : Name of Sub - Divisions : Name of Tehsils: Name of Blocks: Cuttack (CD) 3915.2 : 23,40,686 Many thanks sa nakaisip nito.. hindi na magsusuffer ang postpaid network ko…malaking bawas sa bill..thanks! [Source: Wikipedia, audie], We update this list from time to time, depending on the information submitted to us. very helpful, useful, and reliable info especially now that so many numbers proliferate. Got a message from this nbr last nyt. Is there a new series of cellphone numbers? PreFIX PH is the intelligent phonebook app that sorts and labels contacts by network. if the number is 0935518……where is supposed to be the place of this number? 2. its landline but i dont know if it is smart or globe, please answer me guys its important, YOU DO NOT SPECIFY an AREA CODE: CEBU (032) GLOBE LANDLINE CEBU 4***** & 31***** to 321**** GLOBE DUO# BACOLOD (034) 7***** DUMAGUETE (035) 2****** TAGBILARAN (038) 5*****MANILA (02) 9****** & 7******. now i can try and contact my cousin <3, Hay salamat…alam ko narin kung anong network ang mga prefix…good job sa nag post. It’s a big help, indeed. (Globe, etc.). 9573538899 2: Cholleti Prabhakar, IAS: Spl. Sa 0912 ako nagkaka problema lang naman. Unleashed (Mobile Vikings / JIM Mobile) (or other) Users can switch carriers while keeping number and prefix (so prefixes are not tightly coupled to a specific carrier). PAN Card 3. Do you want to know which mobile phone number belongs to which network? laging sinasabi na invalid transaction kasi only valid globe and TM prepaid numbers lang daw ang pwede, eh tinry ko na P50, P40, etc, lahat ayaw, pero tinry ko magpasaload sa 0905 from 0927, pasok agad. thanks! 4. Try downloading the phcontacts app. thank you very much whoever you are. 043-723-1891 therefore is a landline number of a residence or business in Liliw, Laguna and NOT a mobile no. Is this updated as of today or this year? Thnx for this information this helps me a lot. Gender, Age, House Number, Serial Number, Mohalla Number, Ward Number (Urban),Ward Name, Type of Urban Body, Municipal Body, Ward Number (Rural), Name of Panchayat and Name of Development Block. Within an application po, for example po line or we chat, gngamit yan pag emergency minsan na walang load ung user tpos app yung ggmitin niya para matext ung yung tao without paying any load. Taluka Name No.of Gram Panchayats Gram Panchayat List 1 Chikhli 67 View List 2 Gandevi 65 View List 3 Jalalpore 66 View List 4 Khergam 22 View List 5 Navsari 62 View List 6 Vansada 86 View List MP Grama Panchayat Sarpanch Election Voter List 2021 View/Download Online. salamat kaibigan,this is very heplful.ill wait for more updates.goodbless. i receive a text message from that number. Smart followed later, that’s why they got the prefix 918. Sri K. Surendra Mohan, IAS: Secretary to Governor: 040-23310521, 9704666457: Sri J. Bhavani Shankar: Joint Secretary: bkit d pa na iadd ung 0950 na pang tnt subs…pls add, This site helps me a lot especially when Im calling contacts. If so, can we update this list? Nodal Officer: Dr. Praveen Kumar Designation: Jt. Thanks. Landline. Thanks. Sri/Smt. I’m a globe user, but why I cannot call the number 0937*******? 21-year-old girl becomes the youngest sarpanch in Madhya Pradesh. ELECTED SARPANCH Sno Dist_Name PS_Name GP_Name Wcategory Name Sex Category 1 AJMER ARAI AJGARA GENW Madhu kanwar F GENW 2 AJMER ARAI AKODIYA GENW lada F OBCW 3 AJMER ARAI ARAI GEN Bhanwar Gopal M GEN 4 AJMER ARAI BHAGWANPURA SC Prahalad Balai M SC 5 AJMER ARAI BHAMOLAW GENW Ajay Durgesh Kanwar F GENW If your lucky number is 4, the addition of your mobile number will be equal to 4. I am a new sun postpaid subscriber and my prefix is 0925. 043 is for Batangas, Occidental Mindoro, and Oriental Mindoro. Globe parin syempre diba. SALAMAT SA INFORMATION NA TO NAKAKATULONG TLGA SYA! . That’s why we’d rather call them mobile number prefixes. This is wonderful indeed! Just reply: “weh…”.

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