missouri department of revenue sales tax phone number

window.onerror = function( msg, url, line, col, error ) { Pennsylvania }); 'support.boxModel', 1/15/2021: Important Information About Effect of New Federal Law on 2020 Wisconsin Tax Returns Corporate Extension Payments can also be made under this selection; however Form MO-7004 must still be submitted to the Department. The list of sales and use tax rate changes that will go into effect on January 1, 2021 is now available. Phone Number: 860-297-5962 If you make retail sales in Missouri that are subject to Missouri sales or vendor’s use tax, the number is also included on your license. To register for MyTax Missouri, proceed to Register for MyTax Missouri. {{ data.post_title }} fill="url(#a)"/> hit._highlightResult[key].value = hit._highlightResult[key].value.replace(/__ais-highlight__/g, '').replace(/__\/ais-highlight__/g, ''); Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) */ Press 3 for Sales Tax, then 2 for Other, then hold for a Representative. You may also use the above link to file a Tire and Lead-Acid Battery Fee MO-5068 Return Online. hint: false, Press 8 for a Representative, then 2 for Sales Tax, then choose from 3 more options to get someone for your specific problem. } var jQueryMigrateHelperHasSentDowngrade = false; Please try again later. Report Fraud. for (var key in hit._highlightResult) { Phone: Tax Liens: (601) 923-7391 | Fax: (601) 923-7334. Colorado 'andSelf', Lien Administration - (Tax Liens, Levies, Attachments, or Garnishments) Mailing Address: P.O. Phone Number: 401-574-8955 Select this option to pay the balance due on a Cigarette/Tobacco report. jQuery.each(algolia.autocomplete.sources, function (i, config) { Kansas  Phone Number: 518-485-2889 Main Office. ], /* setup default sources */ Phone Number: 602-255-3381 } catch ( e ) { Phone Number: 701-328-1246 Phone Number: 202-727-4829 Phone Number: 855-307-3893

If you are registered for sales tax in the state use this link to register a new sales, consumer's use, or vendor's use location. Connecticut Press 0 for a Representative, or just hold the line. xhr.open( 'POST', 'https://blog.taxjar.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php' ); If possible, use the INTIME messaging system above. Press 0, then 4 for General Tax. Phone Number: 601-923-7015 if (typeof hit._highlightResult[key].value !== 'string') { Say “”Agent,”” then say “”Sales Tax,”” then say your Illinois Tax ID, (or say, “”I don’t have it”” to bypass this option). }); Administrative rules adopted by the Department of Revenue to administer Minnesota tax laws. Our phone lines are currently experiencing long wait times. Michigan Box 23338 Jackson, MS 39225-3338. Press 3 for Sales Tax, then hold for a representative, Texas Phone: (601)923-7700 | Fax: (601)923-7714. ©2021 TaxJar. File and Pay My Withholding MO-941 Tax Return, Pay Quarter-Monthly (Weekly) Withholding Tax Payment, File My 941 Quarterly-Monthly Payments Reconciliation, Click here for electronic payment information and due dates for Withholding Tax, Pay Withholding Billing Notice Balance Due, File and Pay Declaration of Estimated Tax Payments, Download sales and use tax location listing, Pay Sales, Vendors or Consumer’s Use Tax Return Payment, Pay Quarter-Monthly (Weekly) Sales Tax Payment, Click here for electronic payment information and due dates for Sales Tax, File and Pay Tire/Lead-Acid Battery Fee Return, Pay Tire and Lead-Acid Battery Fee Balance Due, (Click here for requirements and information for unregistered filers.). The following convenience fees will be charged to your account for processing: NOTE: The handling or convenience fees included in these transactions are being paid to the third party vendor, JetPay Payment Services, not the Department of Revenue. Select this option to file and pay the balance due from a monthly, quarterly, or annual Sales Tax Return. If we can help you over the phone, please include your phone number. To receive assistance by phone, please call 800 732-8866 or 217 782-3336. 24/7 Missouri Business Online Business Registration Secretary of State - Businesses Department of Economic Development. If your business sells products on the internet, such as eBay, or through a storefront, and the item is shipped within the same state, sales tax must be collected from the buyer and the sales tax must be paid on the collected tax to the state. Press 5 for General Sales Tax, Press 6 for Questions about Sales Tax, Nebraska Phone Number: 207-624-9693 Rhode Island A business may have its sales tax license revoked for failure to remit sales tax collected from its customers to the Department of Revenue or for failure to remit income taxes withheld from its employees to the Department of Revenue. Be prepared to wait! Phone Number: 877-252-3052 Wisconsin Department of Revenue: Sales and Use Tax. Select this option to pay the balance due on a Motor Fuel report. Select this option to pay the balance due from a monthly, quarterly, or annual Consumer's Use Tax Return.